2015.7.13−7.25■Eri moon "The Blind Work"


Eri moom





Eri Moon creates intimate figure studies exploring an ephemeral presence of the female form in isolation.
Deep in character, yet delineated by fleeting, dynamic lines, her works are characterized by stillness, clarity and a sense of self-reflection.

**** On this occasion, I am going to exhibit series of copperplate prints (etchings), which I have been working on since 2009.

Many kinds of liquid chemicals, which may be unfamiliar to some people, such as white gas, etching solution, anti-corrosive solution,
and resin are used for copperplate printmaking. Among various techniques, the exhibition mainly consists of “drypoint” prints, in which images are directly incised onto a plate with a needle.
The way of incising these powerful and bold lines of drypoint has a feeling similar to making scars, not just drawing or engraving. The lines with such wildness are extremely beautiful, adding depth to the art of drypoint.

The process of copperplate printmaking is generally very slow. It requires a lot of preparation and a long wait time.
Because of the fact that everything prints in the reverse, even artists themselves are not exactly sure about what will finally come out until the press is done.
It is as if I’m walking in the dark and fumbling around, feeling insecure and uneasy. And I had been wondering: what is this thing that guides me through the darkness?
I think I have figured it out as I have continued this blindfolded work.

I hope you will enjoy discovering the scenery beyond the darkness.